Tax software (CrossLink, ProSeries, TaxSlayer, Drake, TaxWise)

I am often asked by other independent tax business owners what tax preparation software do I use.  We are currently using TaxWise and it meets our needs for both routine individual returns (1040 series) including all states and e-file, as well as non-individual business returns (1120, 1065, etc.).  We had a bad experience when we switched from TaxWise to another vendor and we switched back mid-season because most of our people were familiar with TaxWise.  However, we know there are other very good options, including some that are family-owned, like TaxWise was before CCH bought them. What software do you use & what has been your experience with it?

7 thoughts on “Tax software (CrossLink, ProSeries, TaxSlayer, Drake, TaxWise)

  1. I’m stuck on crosslinks its every simple for starters meets all needs for tax season. I’m trying tax slayer and the simplicity of crosslinks makes it difficult to understand tax slayer.

  2. I have been using Drake for more than 10 years. last year I used crosslink. when preparing a return with multiple states drake calculate the states automatically in crosslink you have to enter the states manually meaning that last year I spent more time with a client.

  3. I love Crosslink it fast and easy ..I tried Drake but it slows me down b/c it asks far too many questions. Crosslinks is so much easier and faster to E- file also, its way faster than Drake. So I pick Crosslinks anytime . Crosslinks also come with a signature pad so I don’t have to print all the forms out for my clients to sign and I can email them their return. You cannot do this with Drake.

  4. I use TaxPlus. It is very simple. I used to use Crosslink but once I started to open my other office I notice that my employees were taking a long time with their clients.

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