Internet Marketing Courses

Help people find your tax business on the Internet. Turn website visitors into customers… and much more!

A website is much more than a business card today. People go to your website to learn as much as possible about you, your business and what you have to offer way before ever interacting with you. IF people find your site, you have even less than 1 second to make a good first impression!

As an independent tax business owner in today’s competitive environment, Internet marketing is essential to attract new clients and to properly serve and retain existing clients. You can hire Internet marketing, web design and programming experts to develop your website and to implement Internet marketing strategies. However, you must have a solid understanding of Internet marketing principles and options to develop a winning strategy and to ensure that your experts are delivering value.

The Income Tax School, in partnership with Market Motive, now offers online courses that are “must dos” for tax business owners and tax industry professionals ready to expand their tax business in today’s Internet driven market. Thanks to The Income Tax School’s partnership with Market Motive, you can study online, watch streaming video lessons, and learn the valuable and actionable skills necessary to be competitive online from the industry’s most respected authors, speakers, and consultants. These affordable training courses are focused on the most critical areas of Internet marketing, can be studied at your own pace, and are regularly updated to remain relevant in today’s rapidly shifting online marketplace. Market Motive is the industry leader in providing web-based training in Internet marketing.

If You’re Just Getting Started…

If you’re just getting started with Internet Marketing, you can gain a solid foundation of basic skills and some fundamental strategies and tactics with our Internet Marketing for Small Business: Fundamentals. You’ll start with an introduction to Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Pay Per Click Advertising. Then move on to additional training in each, with a special focus on optimizing for local search.

This is a great course if…

  • You’re new to Internet Marketing, or
  • You’re somewhat familiar with Social Media Marketing and Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, but you are
    not actively using or managing them in promoting your tax business.
  • Learn More: Internet Marketing for Small Business: Fundamentals $299

If You’ve Got Some Experience But Would Like More…

If you’ve already got some experience with Internet marketing, and you’re ready to bring a new level of strategy and psychology to your campaigns, you’ll do great with our Internet Marketing for Small Business: Strategies. You’ll discover the finer points of SEO design, copy-writing, and content strategy; build a plan for your Social Media outreach; and fine tune your Pay Per Click campaigns.

This is a great course if…

  • You’ve implemented some SEO strategies, and are ready to refine your keywords and content to make measurable gains in your rankings.
  • You’re using social media, but are overwhelmed by the options, and are struggling to assess its value for your business.
  • You’ve done some PPC Advertising, but want to reach more prospects and convert more buyers.
  • Learn More: Internet Marketing for Small Business: Strategies for $299

So You’ve Got Visitors, But You’re Not Sure What To Do With Them…

If you’ve got visitors, but need to better understand who they are and what they need so you can maximize conversions, our Segmentation: Key to Web Analytics Success is the answer.From time-on-site to referring sites to organic vs paid traffic, understanding your visitors and the way they interact with your website is crucial to optimizing your pages and ultimately, to converting those visitors into customers. Partnered with well-defined key performance indicators (KPIs) and your data analysis feeds, understanding how to segment your visitors will transform your web strategies and translate to increased conversions. In this course, you will learn about good data, bad data, and the importance of effective segmentation analysis.

Take this course if…

  • You’ve got traffic to your site through SEO or PPC, and are ready to really fine tune every aspect of your campaigns to find more qualified visitors and compel them to convert.
  • You want to better understand the metrics you have on your site traffic, and use it to set attainable and measurable goals.
  • Learn More: Segmentation: Key to Web Analytics Success for $299

Understand How Facebook Works for Your Business…

This Facebook Marketing series can also be found in section four of the Internet Marketing Foundation course. Facebook Marketing is a great way to get a sneak preview of the kind of instruction you’ll enjoy in the longer Internet Marketing courses… plus you’ll get a head start on organizing your new Facebook strategy.

Take your message directly to your customers where they live… on Facebook. It’s the perfect place to find a highly targeted audience, and engage them in an environment that’s already primed for discussion and sharing. You’ll not only learn the social networking opportunities Facebook offers for professionals, but how businesses can turn it into a massive lead generation platform.

Bundle and Save $$ when you select 2 or 3 courses…