EA Exam Review

The Income Tax School is pleased to offer you the opportunity to further your career by obtaining your Enrolled Agent (EA) certification. We have partnered with Exam Matrix and Fast Forward Academy, leaders in EA Exam preparation, to help you prepare for the EA Exam.

Exam Matrix offers EA Study Guides and Practice Exams
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EA Online Exam Review

ExamMatrix’s groundbreaking EA Exam Review Software has completely changed the landscape of EA Exam Review preparation. There simply isn’t anything else on the market that will be more effective or efficient at getting you prepared to pass the difficult EA Exam. Through the power of our “Adaptive Learning” technology you’ll experience a personalized study program that a live professor would find hard to match, but at a fraction of the cost, and one that accommodates your busy schedule.

With the ExamMatrix EA Exam Review, you’ll have everything you’ll need to pass the EA exam. Use our powerful software to work through 1,800 multiple-choice questions, many taken directly from past exams, all with in-depth explanations, direct reference to the corresponding IRS publications, and related glossary terms. It’s all in a format similar to that of the actual exam, so you’ll be comfortable with the exam’s computerized testing environment. Plus, with ExamMatrix’s EA Exam Review you can take unlimited simulated exams, giving you unmatched confidence and preparedness. So do what thousands of Enrolled Agents have done before you and use ExamMatrix to pass the Enrolled Agent Exam!

  • New EA Exam Review innovations – Intelligent Software
  • Over 1,800 Multiple-Choice Questions – With Full Text Answers
  • Up-to-Date IRS Publications – Built Right Into the Software
  • Over 80% Pass Rate
  • Simulated Exam Mode
  • Pass or Refund Guarantee

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Fast Forward Academy offers EA Study Guides and Practice Exams
…starting at just $199

Comprehensive EA Study Guide

  • Pass the IRS Enrolled Agent test with our complete book covering all three sections of the exam.
  • The design of our IRS enrolled agent course can help you achieve the highest score on the IRS enrolled agent exam with the least amount of time and effort. The book contains all the important topics that will most likely appear on your exam in an easy to follow format. Why spend your precious study time reviewing information you may never see on the enrolled agent exam? With the help of Enrolled Agents, CPAs, Tax Attorneys, and former IRS employees, we were able to create a comprehensive book that is half the size … on purpose!
  • 80% of our students pass all 3 exams on the very first try.

User-Friendly & Intuitive Test Bank

  • Our online Test Bank will make your studies smoother, and help you retain what you are learning in the EA Study Guide by quizzing you with multiple choice questions focused on the areas of the exam you need to study most.
  • Our Test Bank features an “Explanation” option on every question giving you instant access to the book reference material, domain and subject details, and question explanations including the answer and rationale. If this isn’t enough to ensure your success, every question features the ability to ask for help from an expert. Online study does not have to mean “on your own” – and with Fast Forward Academy if you ever need us, we will support you every step of the way. We are never too big or busy to help.
  • Another sure to be loved feature is the real time reporting and analysis available as you quiz. The Test Bank will literally record and create analytics for your Test Bank quiz sessions AS YOU ANSWER QUESTIONS. You will know your level of knowledge, as well as areas needing further study, immediately!
  • The Fast Forward Academy EA Test Bank is the finest tool available for strengthening your knowledge base in preparation for the exam.

Practice Exams

  • Think of the Practice Exams as a flight simulator for the real Enrolled Agent exam! Once you feel confident with your knowledge from reading the book and practicing with the Test Bank, it’s time for a Practice Exam.
  • We select each of the 100 questions appearing on a Practice Exam according to the same exact standards the IRS uses. With our unlimited option, you can create as many unique Practice Exams as you need. Our exams are as close as you will get to the real thing, so if you can pass here, you are ready to take the real exam with confidence.

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