Our Team

The Income Tax School Team

  • Charles E. McCabe – MBA, President & CEO (Founder)
  • Marilyn T. McCabe – VP, Human Resources Manager
  • Sheila A. Clark, CTP® – Director of Operations
  • Anne Di Donato – Corporate Bookkeeper
  • Terry M. Judge – VP, Director of Marketing
  • Catherine A. Mueller, EA – Advanced Curriculum Developer & Editor
  • Bob Wasilewski – Curriculum Compliance
  • Kevin Mohr – Senior Curriculum Developer
  • Felicity Bobert, CPA – Senior Curriculum Developer
  • Lieyu (“Lin”) Zhang, CPA – Curriculum Developer
  • Barry Brindle – Instructor Support
  • Mary Hope Jenczewski – Instructor Support
  • Mindy Clark – Online School Administrator
  • Alyssa Demitri – Online School Administrator
  • Maureen Scott – Business Development & Partner Relationship Manager
  • Erik Zeberlein – Marketing Assistant
  • David Nelson – Customer Care Manager
  • Hobie Allen – Customer Care Representative & Shipping
  • Sterling Morgan – HR Administration & Curriculum Development
  • Rupal Patel – Corporate Receptionist & Administrative Assistant

The Income Tax School Advisory Board

  • Roger K. Burgess, Former IRS Executive
  • Thomas B. Cooke, JD, LLM, MLT (Master of Laws in Taxation), Professor at McDonough School of Business of Georgetown University
  • Steven R. Isaac, M.S., CEO, educationdynamics.com
  • Catherine A. Mueller, EA, ATP, ATA, President, Peoples Financial Services, Inc. and former EVP and COO, Peoples Income Tax, Inc.
  • James L. Narduzzi, M.A., Ph.D., Dean and Professor, School of Continuing Studies at University of Richmond
  • James J. L. Stegmaier, M.P.A., Chesterfield County Administrator
  • Lisa Zajur, Director and Owner of the Spanish Academy and Cultural Institute