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5 Ways to Get in On Small Business Saturday as a Tax Business

Small Business Saturday is right around the corner! While this special holiday is geared towards holiday shopping and supporting retail businesses, it’s also about celebrating the small, local business in your community. And, if you are a local tax firm, that means you too! Don’t write the holiday off as not for you – take […]

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It’s OK to Say No: How and When to Fire Problem Clients (Nicely)

Sometimes someone special walks through your door – someone so special that they make you want to scream in frustration. I’m talking about the problem client – also called the toxic client. We’re talking about that person who does nothing but cause you problems and agony. The ones who make you question why you went […]

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5 Tips (and 4 Warnings) for Starting Your Own Business While Holding Down a Job

It’s the age-old dilemma: How are you supposed to start your own business (a full-time job itself) while holding down another job already? It’s hard to take that leap of faith knowing that if you leave your current job, you may struggle to pay your bills until your business starts bringing in enough income. It’s […]

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3 New Tax Reform Changes Most Likely to Impact Your Clients’ Business

Of the 100+ provisions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA, or the Act) that take effect this year, there are specifically 3 new tax reform changes most likely to impact your small business clients. As a certified tax preparer, you’re probably already familiarizing yourself with many provisions in the TCJA. However, have you […]

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You Have to Give to Get: Better Networking Techniques That Really Work

What’s your networking style? Do you dread going to networking events and hang out by the food, hoping for the best? Do you like to get into the thick of it and count the business cards you’ve collected as a measure of your success? Well, when it comes to networking, I have found you have […]

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Plan Now to Make Tax Season Easier for You and Your Clients

Right now, you have a small window of time between when summer ends and before the holidays begin to grab the attention of your clients and get yourself prepared for what will undoubtedly be a wild tax season. This upcoming tax season will mark the first year since Congress’s sweeping tax reforms were signed into […]

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