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Are You Leveraging LinkedIn As a Tax Pro?

LinkedIn is a powerful social networking channel designed for business professionals to share knowledge, connect, and build their network. It’s a great tool for tax professional for a number of reasons, but only if you’re using it to its full potential! We haven’t blogged about LinkedIn in a while so we thought since we are […]

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The Benefits of Guest Blogging

Content marketing has become an important part of marketing for every business. Beyond sharing your expertise on your blog or creating white papers for download, there’s another great option – that could help get you in front of fresh eyeballs. It’s called guest blogging. Guest blogging is just what it sounds like. Creating original content […]

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Expand Your Social Media Arsenal This Summer

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… these are the three standard channels we all think of when it comes to social media marketing. But they aren’t the only ones. There’s also Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Pinterest (to name a few). Social media has a major force in marketing and communications – one that tax preparers should not be […]

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Protect Yourself and Clients from Cybercrime this Tax Season

  Cybersecurity and Cybercrime are two terms you’re going to hear a lot in 2017. That’s because Cybercrime continues to be a growing threat to consumers and businesses. According to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, “No locale, no industry or organization is bulletproof when it comes to the compromise of data.” IBM President and CEO Ginni […]

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