More Ways To Make Your Tax Office Inviting

The Income Tax School Corporate Office in Richmond, VA.
The Income Tax School Corporate Office in Richmond, VA.

A few weeks ago we posted a blog on making your tax office more inviting and customer service friendly for the upcoming season. Having a pleasant experience in an unexpected place (seriously, who loves tax time other than us?) can make a world of difference for clients.

Maybe they tell their friends about their great experience and how awesome their tax preparer is. Maybe they become raving and loyal fans. Either way, when you focus on the client, your business will grow.

So why are we writing about this again? Because when we posted the article in our LinkedIn Group, Tax Business Owners of America, we got a slew of other ideas!

Since the customer experience is so important, we thought we’d share these other great ideas from our LinkedIn friends.


Have private areas for meeting with clients

“After working in a tax office for 12 years, I can add that having a desk area for the tax prep with the client be as private as possible. Clients are divulging very private details about their living arrangements, job status, sometimes divorce situations, etc. Having an enclosed desk area or at least with sufficient dividers so that someone a few feet away cannot overhear personal details are most appreciated by clients.” – Gwyn



Don’t forget about keeping the restrooms clean and stocked with necessities!” – Linda


Purchase a Keurig Coffee Maker

“Keurig coffee maker, they choose regular, decaf, apple cider…etc. Its fast, hassle free, you don’t have to leave your desk, client gets a fresh brewed beverage, while you get to work on their file…” – Dave


Invest in new technologies

I am now using SmartVault so all my clients can access their tax returns 24/7 and send me documents. Have better CRM App’s like DemandForce that integrates with my QB files. Upgraded website and online marketing.” – Rebecca


Make it fun

“We hand out “Bite Back AT the IRS” chocolate bars and Wherthers hard candies.” – Kim

“Years ago, while working for my former employer, we gave out black and white lapel buttons that read “I Gave to the IRS.” – Chuck


Always greet with a smile

“By always greeting with a smile. Sometimes a warm smile can change a person’s attitude or outlook on the day. My office motto: By the time our meeting is done, I guarantee you wont leave the same way you came.” – Shaundra


Tax Karma

How’s the overall environment and feel of your office? This tax preparer tries to make the experience as zen as possible:

“Candles. Windows to look out at nature. The Van Morrison Pandora radio station playing. Namaste approach. SoFlo Tax Queen.”


Drop-off option

“If I am running late with a client, the next appointment will have an option to drop off and finish the interview by phone. We also added that on our appointment cards we sent out last week.” – Becky


Get a Farm

We thought this comment was awesome and had to include it! Here’s what Rebecca does to entertain kids who come to the office:

“If the weather is nice, my husband offers children a tour of our farm located next to the office. It has become so popular with clients children that they stop by even when it is not tax time. Feeding chickens, ducks and petting lambs has become the highlight for the kids. We become a welcome destination for the whole family.”


Here are some more tips we thought of to add to your list:


Free the office of clutter

Another important factor is to keep the reception area and all tax offices clean and uncluttered to maintain a professional image and operate efficiently.


Provide tax preparers with the tools they need

Tax preparers should also be provided with all the tools they need to do their job efficiently. Our peparers have up-to-date computers with adequate speed and memory and dual monitors and scanners, as well as all necessary software applications and access to tax research. We provide a comprehensive equipment and supply checklist and a requisition form for them to request any missing items.

Just to recap our last blog, here is what we suggested in our last post.

  • Make sure there is a friendly face that greets clients immediately
  • Offer beverages
  • Get Up-to-date magazines
  • Make sure your office is spick and span
  • Play music
  • Offer snacks
  • TV
  • Stock the waiting area with kid toys
  • Offer a drop off service

Have more great ideas? Leave a comment!


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