The Lost Weekend

I took Friday off this past week and took a trip to Madison, WI.  I love Madison!  It’s a fun city with great people and food and while I got to spend three days relaxing, that meant three days not doing tax homework. Despite this slight setback, I definitely came back fresh and ready to get back to work.  Since last weekend was all play and no work, I will use Memorial day weekend to get some work done.  I plan to finish the course by next weekend and should have a a lot more updates on how my coursework is progressing at that time.  In addition to my vacation this past weekend, work has also gotten a bit crazier.  I really need to get my online progress caught up with my offline progress and will get that done over the next week as well. I’m looking forward to having a productive week!


2 thoughts on “The Lost Weekend

  1. Hi Mary,

    I know the course material can be daunting. If you can, try to stick to two chapters per week and you WILL get through it! It might also be a little harder to concentrate in the summer. Stay in touch with the instructors and let them know if you are feeling a little less motivated. They are also great cheerleaders! Maybe give yourself a little break if you have not had one and then start fresh at back to school time. If you are in Comprehensive, you have 6 months to complete the course, and you can purchase an extension if you need one. You will be so proud of yourself when you finish the course and are able to prepare REAL tax returns! We pay nearly 30% of our income in taxes. It would be great if we all knew about the subject! Hang in there! You can do this!!

  2. Hi Tenisha,

    I am a stay home mother of two beautiful girls, 4 and 2 year olds. This past May, I registered the Chartered Tax Professional because I want to prepare my own tax instead of my husband. In the beginning, I was very excited about the work. After studying for four months, I’ve started to become discourage on my study. What advice can you provide for someone like me who’s trying to catch up with study and juggle with other family responsibilities?


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