Strategic Planning Retreat Testimonials

“The Strategic Planning Retreat was more than what I expected. Chuck McCabe is very knowledgeable, friendly and wants to help others prepare to succeed in the tax business. Great job and I look forward to the Next Level Retreat.”

João DeAndrade, DeAndrade’s Tax Service, Brockton, MA

“Peoples is a class operation. Three days of learning and even though it costs money up front, we never once had to pay for a meal, and if we wanted to sign up for a course or buy a manual it was all low key. No pressure. Chuck McCabe, believe it or not, wants to pass on his knowledge and show off his tax offices and schools as successful models so others can benefit. Very approachable and I can call or e-mail him at anytime with no additional cost involved. I highly recommend his retreats. I will be going to the Next Level Retreat next year. I also signed up for his small business course and am a member of NATBO, which is for tax business owners like ourselves. He had several speakers and after their presentations they just passed out their business cards. I walked away after three days with a wealth of knowledge, facts, and tips that will take a season or so to implement.”

Roger J. Hourihan, Fast Tax, Grahamsville, CT

“The Strategic Planning Retreat was well worth the financial investment. Chuck and the guest speakers were extremely knowledgeable, charismatic and pertinent in delivering a comprehensive program any tax business owner would benefit from.”

Jeffrey Linkon, Indy’s Tax Prep-N-Check, Indianapolis, IN

“I needed to establish a new business model and this course as well as the ideas from participants helped me to have a renewed vision.”

Raymond Serra, Serra & Associates, LLC, E. Hampton, CT

“It was good meeting everyone at the retreat. There was a really good mix of people there. The guys and I found the retreat participants very knowledgeable, moreover we have had continuing relationships with some of them that have extended beyond the retreat. Developing new business contacts/relationships was a definite advantage and time well spent. In addition, everyone has been very helpful and willing to share their knowledge…even down to family recipes!!!”

Dayna Mulraine, Citizens Income Tax, Hermitage, TN

“I’d like to commend you on another exceptional tax biz retreat. My partners and I were amazed at how much we learned even though this was our second retreat in less than 7 months. We have every intention to return every year.”

Aqil Qadir, Brown Interests, LLC, Cheekowaga, NY

“Thanks for bringing your attorneys to speak. They are very informative and are worth the trip. Karen is always interesting with the labor law and employment topics. Thanks also for the hospitality. The food was great at Capital Ale and at your home office. Terry, Chuck, Cathy and the rest of the team did a great job. Thanks again for taking the time to share your ideas and contacts with us. Your ideas and materials have helped our business tremendously.”

John Saunders, Saunders Tax and Accounting, Inc., Hagerstown, MD

“All of the presenters were very informative and relevant. I enjoyed the interaction with the presenters and participants. Keep up the good work and thanks for the wonderful efforts of you and your staff.”

Billy Barron, Swift Tax Solutions, Irving, TX

“I learned a lot of good tips and new ideas that will help me develop my business much easier and faster.”

Jaime Salazar, Computax Services, Rochelle, IL

“The information answered many questions I had and gave me direction. I enjoyed networking and learning from the experience of others. Chuck is very approachable and seems sincere and extremely knowledgeable. Excellent location.”

Akiel Kaudeyr, Brown Interests, LLC/Citizens Income Tax, Cheektowaga, NY

“It answered all of my questions. I wish I could take Chuck back with me, but seriously, all of the presenters were good.”

Mike Brown, Brown Interests, LLC/Citizens Tax Solutions, Cheektowaga, NY

“The Retreat had a lot of relevant information for the tax business owner that can’t be obtained from other sources. Thank you for inviting me.”

John Nakowicz, Naokowicz Financial Services, Inc., Warwick, RI

“Good, solid information that got me thinking about the details I need to be concerned with in growing my business.”

Eric Collado, United Tax Service, LLC, Perth Amboy, NJ

“I enjoyed the ideas and the synergy. In 2002, I met Chuck McCabe at Peoples Income Tax. I purchased The Income Tax School and the Expansion and Policy and Procedure Manuals. Not only did I receive a wealth of information from the manuals, but the personal attention from Chuck McCabe. With his wealth of wisdom, he is truly the Willie Mays of Tax Preparation. With this new found knowledge, I tripled my business. Thank you Chuck, it was a home run!”

Richard A. Zakarian, CFP Zakarian Tax Consultants, Lorain, OH

“The information and group interaction was great. I now have a valuable connection with your organization and future opportunities for brainstorming and source information. The participant group was a good size and I enjoyed the easy access to Peoples’ personnel. There was a very good tone of wanting participants to succeed in their businesses.”

Karen Eisen, Pope Tax Service, Ft. Collins, CO

“Chuck McCabe has the experience and knowledge to help business owners expand their business. Chuck unselfishly shares intimate business practices and proprietary information to help other business owners. I will use the practical everyday examples immediately. All the staff at Peoples worked really hard to make us comfortable, well-fed and interested in the material. Everyone was pleasant, courteous and made the retreat enjoyable and something I would want to do again. Keep up the good work! Great idea for this kind of retreat!”

Carlos C. Lopez, EA Lopez Tax Service, Inc. Salinas, CA

“I enjoyed learning about the advantages of a computer network; how to answer “What do you do?”‘ so as to cause interest in possibly doing business with me and the legion of what could be described as tips from a seasoned veteran. I also enjoyed time allotted to mixing and learning from the participants. What a great group.”

Duane Siers, The Siers Corporation, Deerfield Beach, FL

“I enjoyed the interaction and sharing of information and ideas with the class participants.”

Matthew C. Smith, Smith’s Tax Service Center, Kentland, MD

“I enjoyed the camaraderie and exchange of information with tax business owners, the detailed information regarding another tax office operation (Peoples), and the willingness of Peoples’ Officers and staff to share “secret” trade information. Chuck is very knowledgeable, obviously based on years of hands-on experience.”

John Armbrister, EA, Tax John, Inc., Plainfield, NJ

“I learned a lot of practical points that I can go back to my office and use next week. It is also nice to share and exchange ideas with other practitioners.”

Morteza Ghalambor, TaxPlus, Inc., Vienna, VA

“I received a wealth of information from Chuck and enjoyed comparing strategies on various issues.”

Jonathan Eisen, Pope Tax Service, Ft. Collins, CO

“I enjoyed getting suggestions and ideas from other tax preparers on things that worked or did not work. Chuck McCabe and his staff were very knowledgeable and professional. Everyone was very nice and friendly. The food was great.”

Nancy Lyons, Business Resource and Financial Services, Houston, TX

“Chuck was great and gave lots of information. I enjoyed the experience of the industry giant, Mr. McCabe, and the priceless tips and advice from fellow practitioners. I also appreciated the opportunity to purchase Peoples products at a discount.”

Tim Clay, Accounting and Business Consultants, Inc., Brighton, AL

“Chuck is an outstanding presenter. Your experience and knowledge is so extensive. The program was very comprehensive.”

John Striewe, Fiscal Tax Co., Indianapolis, IN