The Income Tax School has partnered with a number of colleges, universities, career schools, adult education programs and tax industry vendors nationwide.

Our Comprehensive Income Tax Course has been offered as a live class 3-credit elective and also as a non-credit class. We have also partnered with numerous colleges to offer our CTP® (Chartered Tax Professional) certificate program through select third party college distribution partners.

Don’t Miss Out on the Growth Opportunity for Career Education Due to New IRS Regulation of Tax Preparers!

Currently tax preparers are licensed only in California and Oregon. However IRS is working towards rules that could require some one million tax preparers to pass a test of basic competency and then complete CE annually. Education and training of tax preparers will be a necessary element of any new nationwide tax preparer regulation by IRS. Thousands of tax preparers would need to become better educated in order to pass an IRS test and continue to practice. Learn more

The Income Tax School partners with many colleges, career schools and tax industry partners to teach tax preparation nationwide. All of our tax courses are written by expert tax professionals who have worked in the field for years and continue to stay current with the tax law changes and updates.

Qualified schools and college bookstores receive discounted pricing when ordering individual tax course books for school use or for re-sale to students as course textbooks in volume.

Review Package Available:

You may request a review package to evaluate the course curriculum before ordering. See bottom of page.

Qualification Requirements:

Colleges that are accredited by a recognized college accrediting agency and private vocational or career schools that are not also in the income tax preparation or electronic filing business, and are licensed to operate as schools legally in their states will qualify for the following pricing:

  • No Operator’s License or Fee: Qualified schools are not required to buy the Operator’s Kit or sign the license agreement.
  • Special Shipping Policy: Books may be shipped (at ITS’s discretion) Freight Collect (COD) to qualified schools or college book stores.
  • Special Return Policy: Qualified schools will have 15 days from the start date of the course in which to return any unopened books for a full refund (excluding any freight charges).
  • Volume Discounts: Volume discounts are available, contact us for details.
  • A Desk Copy is provided complimentary to faculty who have adopted The Income Tax School texts for classroom use in quantities of ten or more.
  • Instructor Guides: include lesson plans, teaching tips, in-class and homework assignments, answers to all quizzes and exams. Everything is provided for the instructor who needs only tax knowledge and teaching skill. Class preparation requires only reading the student text and understanding the correct answers to the student assignments.

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