Payment Plan Option for Comprehensive Tax Course

$165.67 / month for 3 months and a $40.00 sign-up fee

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This is only to enroll in the Comprehensive Tax Course with a payment plan. 

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Product Description

*Initial payment due at checkout includes $40 signup fee and 1st month’s payment.*

*Does not include any hard copy books or other add-ons purchased with your order. All hard copy books and/or other add-ons will be paid at checkout in addition to signup fee and first month’s payment.

Standard Edition (without books):

$165.67 for 3 months (first month included in initial payment at checkout)

California Edition (without books):

$165.67 for 3 months (first month included in initial payment at checkout)

Click to read and print/save ITS payment plan Terms and Conditions

Payment Plan FAQs

Do I need a PayPal account to sign up for a payment plan?

Yes. In order for the payment plan to be processed and stored you must have a PayPal account. PayPal accounts are free to open and you can add any credit card, debit card, or bank account to transfer the funds without fees.

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How long do the payment plans last?

All payment plans divide the cost of a course tuition evenly over 3 months, with the exception of the Chartered Tax Consultant and Chartered Tax Professional Certificate Programs, which are 4 and 10 month terms, respectively. The first month’s payment is included in your initial payment due at checkout on the day you purchase. You can review the payment schedules in more detail in the Payment Plan Terms & Conditions.

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What is the signup fee for?

The signup fee of $40 is for processing and storing your data over the term of the payment plan. The signup fee for the Chartered Tax Professional Certificate Program is significantly higher, at $135, due to that payment plan being spread out over 10 months as opposed to just 3 or 4.

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Are books included in the payment plans?

No. If you would like to purchase course books or any other products with your payment plan, those products will be added to your initial payment due at checkout on the day of purchase. Your subsequent monthly payments will cover only your outstanding tuition balance.

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I’m buying a course on behalf of someone else, what should I do?

For business owners operating their own tax school who wish to license our courses for their students: email or call 1-800-984-1040.Many customers come to us and are buying a course or seminar for someone else. They could be buying the course for their spouse, or a business owner purchasing for an employee(s), or an employee signing up for a course that their employer is paying for. In those cases, use the following steps:

  1. Select your course(s)
  2. Proceed to checkout
  3. Fill the billing address and payment fields with the information of the person paying for the course.
  4. In the Additional Comments section: enter the names and emails of the person(s) taking the course(s)

Example: Jane is a business owner who wants to purchase the Comprehensive Tax Course for Megan and the CTP Program for Jeff. Jane puts both the Comprehensive course and the CTP Program in her cart and proceeds to checkout. Jane enters her information for the Name, Email, Billing Address, and credit card info, then specifies “Megan Smith – Comprehensive course. Email:, Jeff Jones – CTP Program. Email:” in the Additional Comments section.

Jane will receive a receipt of purchase by email and will be given login credentials of her own by default. Our school administrators will then manually create student accounts for Megan and Jeff and add their respective courses to their accounts. Please allow up to 2 business days for this to take place.

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Refund Policy

The Refund Policy below is applicable only for courses students purchase directly from The Income Tax School or Peoples Income Tax School. Students who purchase any courses through third party schools or other organizations must address all refund issues with the entity through which they made that purchase.

Please note: Operator’s Starter Kit, License Renewal, Tax Practice Management Manuals (Marketing, Policies and Procedures, Personnel, and Expansion), Print/Hard Copy Books for Individual Course Purchase, the Guide to Start and Grow Your Successful Tax Business, and the two Business Start-up Guides are non-refundable.

Online for Individual Students

Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

Chartered Tax Certificate Programs for Online Individual Students

Virginia Student Enrollment Agreement

Surgent EA Review Refund Policy and Pass Guarantee

Academic Honesty Policy

Licensee Guarantee and License Agreement

Reseller License Agreement


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Add books? (optional)

Hard copy books are non-refundable. Free Shipping on student books shipped within the contiguous United States.

  • Standard Comprehensive Books $79.00
    California Comprehensive Books – California Residents only $95.00

Add Tax Business Start-Up Guide? (optional)

This 319-page book is your go-to guide to getting started with a tax business today! “One very important thing I have learned over the years is that there is no need to reinvent the wheel. This book is a practical, comprehensive guide that is beneficial for all entrepreneurs planning to operate as either a sole-tax practitioner or a tax business owner employing other tax preparers. Throughout this book, you will learn many best practices that will save you time and money, and help you grow a successful tax business.” – Chuck McCabe, Founder & CEO of The Income Tax School and Peoples Tax

  • Guide to Start and Grow Your Successful Tax Business – Printed & Shipped Book $100.00
    Guide to Start and Grow Your Successful Tax Business PDF download $79.00
  • Read license guarantee and license agreement

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