Strategic Planning Retreat Webinars

If you’re interested in the Tax Practice Management Manuals, these webinars are like the prelude to them. These webinars, conducted by Chuck McCabe, include the same topics covered during live Strategic Planning Retreats for Tax Business Owners and Entrepreneurs that were held in Richmond, VA for several consecutive years. These webinars are full of information and have been developed from years of experience in the tax industry. Now you can benefit from the same material without the travel and hotel expenses, and without being taken away from your business. In addition, you can have other key members of your team watch and listen to the PowerPoint presentations in your office at no additional cost.

What you will take away

  • Proven methods to generate revenue & profits
  • Best practices to manage your tax business effectively
  • Understanding of the secrets of the national tax firms
  • A viable plan to generate year-round revenue & profit
  • A vision of the successful tax business model of the future
  • Systematic methods to enable your people to build your business for you


FREE tax business webinar

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Learn proven best practices developed by national tax firms to ensure an adequate supply of trained, qualified tax professionals to staff your offices.

Topics include:

  • Characteristics of people who are the best prospects to become career seasonal tax preparers
  • Where to find the best people and how to recruit them
  • Advantages of teaching your own tax course to train prospective tax preparers to work for you
  • The Income Tax School, a turn-key cost-effective solution requiring minimal preparation
  • Alternatives to operating an income tax school, including e-learning/online tax courses and teaching at a local college

Instructor: Chuck McCabe, CEO, Peoples Income Tax, Inc.

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