Instructor FAQs

What are the benefits to teaching a course online?

There are many! Here are a few to think about:

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Can California Instructors teach a course online?

Yes. However, you must be CTEC approved to teach in California. See our section on CA Tax Courses for more information…or let us teach your students for you. View our Qualifying Education approved provider application
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How up-to-date are your courses? I’m looking into obtaining training for the current tax year.

We are currently updating our courses to reflect current tax laws. The most current tax laws usually become final in the last couple months of the year. Therefore, our courses are based on the prior tax year. We will issue tax law updates sometime around the beginning to mid-December of each year to current students. The updates will detail the tax law changes for the current year. This allows you to take the current tax law course and become familiar with the tax laws as they are enacted. The practice problems in our course allow you time to apply the knowledge as you learn. The tax law updates provide the enhancement necessary to prepare you for the upcoming tax year. There is no additional cost for the tax law updates.View tax school training kits and pricing
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