See what people are saying about Surgent Income Tax School
“Thanks to you and your staff, I was able to renew with CTEC without any problems. I just want to continue my education via The Income Tax School. I will refer everyone to your course. I’m going to go ahead and sign up for the EA Exam Prep. I saw the presentation and if they are half as good as The Income Tax School, I know I should be okay.” Steve Logan, California CTEC CE Student, California
“This was a wonderful course and I look forward to taking other courses in the future.” Pamela Mitchell, Comprehensive Tax Course student, Georgia
“I am really enjoying these courses. It is hard, but the curriculum does a great job both in the way it is written and the order that concepts are presented. (In reference to the Comprehensive course and AFTR course) Barry Brindle has been a great instructor. He was quick to answer all my emails and really helped me understand content that I was having questions about.” Mark Schwanbeck, CTA Student, Maryland
“Thanks for your help. Your tax school gives excellent customer service.” Larry Branner, ITS customer, Virginia
“I have obtained a job with a tax service and will begin the “experience” part of my new career this tax season. Thank you to The Income Tax School and especially Barry and Karen for all their help and guidance this last year.” George Guiver, CTP Program Graduate, Arizona
“The practice management manuals were excellent, and I plan to use your education manuals for training.” Kirk Kinder, CFP®, Picket Fence Financial
“Thank you very much! Andrea and I love your products AND customer service!!!!!!!!!!” Mary N. Douglas, Owner, M.N.D. Accounting
“I would like to say a few words about a couple of GREAT instructors you have at your school. Ms. Colyer and Mr Brindle were my rock. They were so helpful. When I was stuck, they would review my work (which is not easy) and send it back with corrections. One thing I liked is they never gave me an answer. They made me work for the answer, but guided me in the right direction. I have to tell you, I was about to give up so many times. I started off real good, and thought…oh this is going to be easy… Well, did I ever get a wake up call. There were times when I just said I can’t do this anymore. I would voice my comments to Ms. Colyer or Mr Brindle, and they would respond with such positive replies that just made me want to continue. I can’t tell you what this means. They would push me so much, I actually felt like they cared, and they wanted me to succeed. And guess what, I DID! I finished, and I have to tell you its ALL because of them. They are both extraordinary people and GREAT if not the BEST Instructors you have and I have to tell you if it was not for them I would have never completed this course. I would like to praise Ms Colyer and Mr Brindle for their help, for their knowledge and for their patience with me, and because as I said, if not for them I would have never received this certificate of completion.” Dennis M. Killmer – Texas
“All my dealings with ITS have been great. I’m very impressed with the staff and with all the help that is available to me regarding the whole process of becoming a tax preparer. I feel like you’re my friends.” Kathy D. – Missouri
“Thank you! I have successfully completed all modules for the Chartered Tax Professional course and have since submitted the affidavit of experience. It has been a very intense and wonderful program and I feel more confident relating to clients with the additional knowledge I have gained. The time spent on this course will be rewarding.” Pat Malcolm
“The Income Tax School has a very good and comprehensive textbook. I have looked through it and would definitely recommend it. It is as good or better than the extensive training the tax chain companies use. I am hoping more than you know to open some classes here in teaching taxes. I plan to use your textbooks. When I used to work for H&R Block, I loved teaching. I was very impressed with the quality of your texts. Last year, I convinced a gal to go through you and she was impressed. I tutored her through e-mail.” V. Denise Bickle, EA – Modesto, California
“I would like to say that I truly love the Income Tax School. I love the convenience of online course taking and it is presented so well and easy to use. I passed my Tax Preparer Competency Test. It was 120 questions long and had 2 1/2 hours to complete, but I completed mine in only 1 hour.” Robin – Whiteville, NC
“I am just starting my accounting practice and needed to better understand the basics of personal and small business taxes. While I never intended to provide tax services in my accounting practice, I knew that a client’s business decisions can have an impact on their tax situation and I wanted to be able to provide that level of insight and knowledge for my clients. I’m pleased to say that I’ve changed my mind after taking this course and am excited to take my practice to the next level by offering tax preparation services. The course was very well organized online, rigorous but self-paced, and well supported throughout the course by experienced tax instructors at The Income Tax School. The curriculum is written in layman’s language with plenty of straight-forward examples and relevant problem sets that crystallize the concepts well and is a good adjunct to the IRS publications which can be technical at times. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning the basics of income tax concepts and preparation. It has helped me gain valuable insight and knowledge I need to better serve my clients and added a new stream of revenue potential to my practice.” Mark – Washington State/USA
“This was a great course. The format was easy to follow along with and doing tax returns right from the start was wonderful. I feel like I have a good base. The course built upon that base, adding concepts and additional info in a logical manner. I think that the quizzes, review questions and learning activities covered the material in an appropriate way to make sure you grasped the concepts presented. I am looking forward to doing tax returns.” Judy – Idaho, USA
“My wife has taken the Basic course and now just finished the Intermediate course [Note: the Basic and Intermediate are now combined as the Comprehensive Course]. It is very comprehensive with printed books, online material to download, online tests etc. also great instructor support and forums to interact with other students. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about learning the tax business. My wife is a Filipino with no prior knowledge of any kind about US taxes and she got a 93 percentile score on the Intermediate final exam, which speaks volumes about the course. I have been preparing taxes for 12 years but I learned some stuff from her course just answering her questions once in a while. She is going on to the Advanced course starting as soon as we get through this year’s tax season.” Dan (US-Taxman) Gordon, Thailand
“I have taken The Income Tax School Basic, Intermediate, Advanced I and Advanced II classes and thought they were excellent! The Income Tax School lead me to pass the SEEs and become and Enrolled Agent. Their pricing is also very reasonable. I will always recommend The Income Tax School for furthering your education.” Wyatt – LA, CA
“I am a career changer and this course was perfect training for my new job with a CPA firm. My new employer is also impressed at how much I know because of the training. I worked hard on the courses, but I’m very satisfied at the results.” Cheryl – Little Rock, AR USA
“I’m a 51 year old with absolutely no income tax experience at all. I have never prepared my own taxes. My return was somewhat complex with some financial things we had done thru the tax year, not to mention pretty costly. After looking over our prepared return, I started to think why can’t I do this? Well I got online and started to research taxes and how to prepare them. I researched numerous schools and settled on the Income Tax School. What initially drew me to ITS was the price and the fact that I could do just part I (the first half of the Comprehensive Course) and do part II at a later date. As soon as I started I was hooked. I took the course seriously and completed it in about six weeks. Every question I had was answered very promptly. After I complete part II Intermediate (the second half of the Comprehensive Course) I plan on opening my own home tax preparer business during tax season. The Income Tax School has helped me gain the knowledge and confidence I need to start my own business. Trust me, if I can learn and do this then with the help of ITS you can too. When I was laid off from my job, I enrolled in The Income Tax School. With the tax knowledge I gained I was offered a position with a local firm as a Tax Preparer. I have since advanced to Office Manager and now have a new career.” Karen Colyer, Louisville, KY
“I would like to say that your school is terrific. The 3 courses that I took, Basic, Intermediate (Comprehensive 1 & 2) and Intro to Small Business 1 were superb. I grade your school and courses that you offer A+. I also would like to say that I was very impressed on the way each course was presented and laid out for my convenience. I also like the convenience of online courses. With my hectic schedule, online courses are just what I need.” Robin Harrelson, Professional Accounting & Tax Service
“The courses that I took have allowed me to expand on my basic understanding of tax preparation and have given me a good grounding for other areas, example corporations. We only prepare individual returns at the office I work for, so I now feel more competent in those preparations. I am also quite happy with the fact that I have obtained my CTP which has prepared me for my ultimate goal of obtaining my EA. The courses also helped me strengthen my research skills and have given me avenues in which to explore issues further. It has been overall a rewarding experience that has given me the tools to expect more from myself.” Melissa Hewitt – Ontario, Canada
“I work for a law firm that also prepares tax returns. We have become really busy over the last 2 years and my boss decided to stop preparing tax returns and give our 100 tax return clients to a CPA. I suggested learning how to prepare returns and take over the clients. My boss, in theory agreed to this, if I took the CTP program. I have helped to prepare many of the client”s returns over the last two tax seasons. This program directly has helped us to retain thousands of dollars. We believe this program has been so helpful, that our newest assistant is going to start the program this summer allowing us to increase of capacity to acquire new tax clients.” Madeleine Daley – Chicago, Illinois
“The Income Tax School CE program was very good. The content was relevant and course was thorough and user-friendly.” Emil De Guzman, Superior Tax Service, Monterey, California
“Besides the fact that I teach, your up-to-date material – on a yearly basis – provides me with the knowledge and any information I missed during tax season. Although I make money teaching others, I also teach myself. So the knowledge I gain with your detailed material is well worth it. Thanks.” Alexis Romero
“I have used the Income Tax school materials to train new preparers since I opened my office in 2003. They are very well organized, written in easy-to-understand language and reasonably priced. I have also used several of the operations and employee manuals which have made it much easier to operate my business.” Bruce Hicks – Freedom Tax Center, Nashville, TN
“I purchased the whole set of practice management books and Chuck’s interviews on tape and they are absolutely excellent. They gave me many ideas and guidance in starting my tax practice, and expanding it into a very successful part time practice.” Brian Murphy – Enterprise Taxation & Risk Management, Dayton, OH
“I have looked at The Income Tax School’s RTRP program for testing and it’s great. Very extensive! I recommend anyone interested in seeing the material join their Chartered Tax Professional-CTP program and test out as I did. It was a long difficult test but it showed me what was to be expected. I actually tested out of their basic and intermediate which combined I think they consider the comprehensive. It was hours of work but fun. Both tests were $50 each. I have a great respect for their program. I have just graduated with my BA in ACC and wanted to see if it was challenging and it is. I plan to sit the EA exam in September for Part I and hopefully will completely finish II & III prior to tax season. Anyway, The Income Tax School’s program is great, I recommend it to anyone, and it covers individual, business, and ethics. I have researched many programs and found The Income Tax School to be one of the most effective and very affordable. I also noticed it offers a payment plan for the Comprehensive Course for those who need that option in this tough economy.” Mary Ann Bone, Owner of Payless Tax, Billings, Montana
“The Income Tax School invests significantly to ensure the very best curriculum development and content delivery. Feedback from participants has been excellent and truly supports The Income Tax School’s position that it sets the standard for tax preparer training.” Roger K. Burgess, former IRS Deputy Asst. Commissioner and District Director