Strategic Partnerships

To provide our tax courses and certificate programs, Surgent Income Tax School partners with career schools, adult education and workforce development programs, colleges, universities, and tax industry vendors nationwide.

All of our tax courses are written by highly experienced tax professionals who stay current with tax law changes and updates.

A career as a tax preparer is highly attractive because of the flexibility and portability it provides, the job security of knowing people will always need help preparing their tax returns, you can learn and work remotely, and you can earn a certificate very quickly, often in just a few months!

After successfully completing our Comprehensive Tax Course, the student can begin preparing taxes as a self-employed tax preparer or while working for someone else, possibly as an intern for a tax or CPA firm! Becoming a tax preparer is something that can be done seasonally, part-time…as a stop gap between jobs, or as a side-hustle to earn extra income. Many decide to make tax preparation a full-time, year-round career. There really is so much flexibility in this industry!

Surgent Income Tax School’s Comprehensive Tax Course and CTP® (Chartered Tax Professional) certificate program, which includes the Comprehensive Tax Course, are our most popular offerings in our course catalog for partnerships, but we do have additional programs that also work for your audience – including the IRS Annual Filing Season Program and the Pathway to the Enrolled Agent (SEE Exam).

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