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5 Reasons to Take Tax Prep Courses With Surgent

Large chains have long dominated the landscape in the tax preparation world. However, with their prominence come many drawbacks that can limit your potential as a tax professional. With their sprawling networks and ubiquitous storefronts, these industry titans have undeniably shaped the…

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5 Benefits of Taking Tax Prep Courses With Surgent

Are you considering a career change or seeking a flexible opportunity to boost your income? Look no further than tax preparation. In today’s dynamic economy, tax preparers are in high demand, offering a pathway to financial independence and career fulfillment. At Surgent…

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7 cybersecurity tips for your tax prep business

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is critical for businesses of all sizes and industries. Tax preparation businesses handle sensitive financial information, making them an attractive target for cybercriminals. As the digital landscape evolves, staying one step ahead of potential threats becomes an…

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How to make money year-round as tax preparer

As tax professionals, we understand the importance of sustaining a thriving tax preparation business year-round. While tax season brings an influx of clients, many people may wonder, “How do tax preparers make money year-round?” In this guide, we will explore innovative approaches…

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Benefits of specializing in tax

In the dynamic world of tax preparation, a notable trend is emerging — tax professionals are increasingly specializing in areas like expat taxes, business and corporate taxes, and estate planning. This shift allows them to provide tailored services, addressing specific taxpayer needs.…

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