Train Your Tax Preparers Your Way

We make it painless to teach your own live or online tax classes with easy-to-understand content, an instructor resource center and automatic grading.

Don’t send your prospects to the competition. Teach in-house with Surgent ITS tax training materials!

Starting your tax school is easy!

Step 1:

Become a Licensee

To use Surgent Income Tax School tax training materials to recruit and train tax preparers, you must first become a tax school licensee and sign our License Agreement. The license agreement states you are using the tax training materials to train tax preparers for your own office(s), and protects our intellectual property against copyright infringement.

  • New licensees must purchase the Operator’s Starter Kit with License
  • Prior licensees must purchase a Renewal License
  • Check with your state about any requirements there may be for running a school
  • Are you in California?
    • Select “Provider Application – QE (60 Hours) Purchased Course” at this link

Step 2:

Determine what tax training materials you need to order and how you plan to teach:

  • Choose what tax course(s) to teach:
    Our most popular course is our Comprehensive Tax Course, for beginners. Your course selections may be determined by the most common type of tax returns you prepare in your offices. For instance, if you prepare only individual returns, you should start with the Comprehensive Tax Course.
  • Decide how many students you plan to teach:
    This will help you determine the size kit(s) you will need to order. Three, five and ten-student kit sizes are the most common packages but we can customize to fit your class size.
  • Determine if you will teach in a live classroom setting or online:
    There are benefits to both options. See below for more details.

Benefits of Teaching Live

  • Observe candidates before hiring them
  • Teach interview techniques through role-playing
  • Student interaction enhances learning
  • Develop a rapport with employee prospects

Benefits of Teaching Online

  • No classroom teaching or equipment required
  • Automatic grading on all homework, quizzes, & exams
  • Students work at their own pace, 24/7, within course term

Ready to get started?

Email us and we’ll help you select the package that’s right for you!

On the fence about operating your own tax preparation training school?

Here are 5 great reasons to start now:


It’s a best practice

National tax firms use this approach to fuel business expansion and grow their tax business. Our complete package gives you tools and techniques comparable to those used by the world’s largest tax service providers.


You staff your own business

Staff your own tax preparation business by training job seekers. When they finish the Comprehensive Tax Course, they are ready to prepare tax returns for the general public. If they measure up to your requirements and expectations, hire them.


Build off-season profits

Use the quiet months to generate income by teaching tax preparation. Job applicants pay you to train them, with no guarantee of employment. Even if you don’t bring them on board, our top-quality training prepares them to save on their own taxes. It’s a win-win.


Improve your ability to hire right the first time

You save hours of interviewing time and avoid costly hiring mistakes. While students are taking your tax class, you can assess their skills. You’ll learn a lot about whether they’ll be a good fit for your business while you are training them.


Retain more employees

Help them improve their skills. Teach them what they don’t already know, so they so they can pass the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP); and provide courses that fulfill continuing education (CE) requirements. Provide the path for professional growth and your best people will stay with you.

Instructor FAQs

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  • What are the benefits to teaching a course online?

    There are many! Here are a few to think about:

    • Offer the income tax course of your choice, with online convenience
    • Place your order Monday-Thursday and receive access to the course within 24 hrs
    • Courses are accessible from any computer with Internet access
    • Great for new employee prospects!
    • Instant grading with feedback for all graded assignments
    • Students work at their own pace
    • Certificate template provided in electronic format for graduates
    • Students access course with a unique user ID and password
    • Online education website is secure
    • Courses include resources such as links to the IRS website, tax forms and Publication 17
  • Can California instructors teach a course online?

    Yes, but you must be approved by the California Tax Education Council (CTEC). Learn more about applying to become a Education Provider for CTEC.

  • How up-to-date are your courses? I’m looking into obtaining training for the current tax year.

    We continually update our courses to reflect current tax laws. Tax laws usually become final in the last couple months of the year. Therefore, our courses are based on the prior tax year. We issue tax law updates to current students in early to mid-December each year. These updates detail the tax law changes for the current year. This allows you or your students to take the current tax law course and become familiar with the tax laws as they are enacted. The practice problems in our course allow you time to apply the knowledge as you learn. The tax law updates provide the enhancement necessary to prepare you for the upcoming tax year. There is no additional cost for the tax law updates. View tax school training kits and pricing.

Looking for more resources to get started?

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