Congratulations if you answered yes to all 6 questions!

You’re qualified to become a tax preparer after successfully completing the Comprehensive Tax Course at The Income Tax School.

  • Financial-Planning-Consultant--2No previous tax or accounting experience is necessary, and
  • We’ll teach you everything you need to know to accurately prepare individual tax returns for the general taxpaying public.

Plus, we can provide you with optional Tax Business Start-up Guides, including tax office operations and marketing insights to help you quickly build customers and earn money. Tax preparation is a great field offering flexibility, room for advancement and many career opportunities. Get started today and you will be preparing tax returns in just weeks!





If you didn’t answer yes to all 6 questions…

Don’t be discouraged! You may still qualify to become a tax preparer. One of the most important attributes of a great tax preparer is people skills. So if you have that, along with the will and motivation to learn, you may do great!

Our Comprehensive Tax Course starts with the basics and builds from there – meaning we teach you everything from the very beginning. We also have wonderful tax school instructors that have many years of hands-on experience working as tax preparers themselves. So you will be learning from the real deal!

We also offer a Money Back Guarantee should you decide that the course is just not for you. Give tax preparation a try…you may be pleasantly surprised at what you can do and what a great profession it really is!