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Tax Preparer Fraud

Phishing, phone scams, identity theft… there’s so much to be vigilant against during the tax season. But one thing we as tax preparers need to be wary of – and warn others about – is tax preparer fraud. As tax preparers, we…

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Top Tax Scams this Tax Season

The IRS just completed its compilation of this year’s “Dirty Dozen Tax Scams” – a list they put out each year that contains the worst of the worst. Tax scams are still a big problem despite the extra precautions the IRS has…

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The Common Denominator In Most Tax Scams

There’s a new tax scam on the rise that is being reported across the country. Fraudsters are getting extremely creative and will stop at nothing to fool the public into getting what they want: your money. In these new scams, criminals are…

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