10 Crazy Tax Write-Offs

Getting your clients the most money back possible is key. It’s already known that medical expenses can be written off or new vehicles as a business expense. Did you know that if your client lost weight this year, it can be written off, as long as there were doctor’s orders? Below are some other crazy tax write-offs that might be worth double checking with your client.

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One thought on “10 Crazy Tax Write-Offs

  1. Thanks Chuck the post regarding “the 10 crazy writes off” is really interesting. The best part being the pictorial presentation of the 10 tax writes that can be claimed. This information is going to be helpful as small bits of saving we can make. Most of people do not have the knowledge as to what all rebate that can be claimed while filling the tax. As i never knew that even if I am loosing weight as instructed by doctor, I can claim the gym expenses as a rebate in the tax filling. So with this information and more coming from you I am gonna save a little amount for me.

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