Recruiting Tax School Students…10 Low-cost Solutions

In this economy, given high unemployment, the best prospective source of tax school students is unemployed workers. Many unemployed people would be interested in learning to become tax preparers if they were aware of this opportunity. How can you make unemployed people aware of your opportunity?

  1. Newspaper Help Wanted Ads. You can place classified ads in the help wanted section of your local major newspaper. Here are some tips:
    a. Advertise for Tax Preparers and indicate that training is available
    b. Place the ads under the heading of “Accounting” if possible
    c. Run the ad on the day when most help wanted ads run (usually Sunday or Saturday)
    d. Sample ad:
    FT & PT-Tax Season.
    Top pay/ bonus plan.
    Tuition-free tax course
    Available – Books $XX.
    Peoples Income Tax.
    Call (804) 204-1040
  2. Internet Help Wanted Ads. Place the same ad in the internet help wanted listings of your major newspaper. Often this can be added for a nominal charge when you place the newspaper ad.
  3. Craig’s List. This is very effective and free in most cities. Place the same or a similar ad for tax preparers to start in January and indicate that training is available. You will also need to specify the pay rate. Have applicants reply by e-mail to you with their resumes.
  4. Job Fairs. Set up a table at your local job fairs. Be sure to have brochures or flyers describing the opportunity (brochures are now available from The Income Tax School at a special discount price). Bring a set of Tax School Student Texts to display and a poster or window banner (available from the Income Tax School), or your own sign.
  5. Employment Offices or Services. Display flyers or brochures at your local state employment office and any other employment services (e.g. 50+ job counselors).
  6. Social Networking. Make people aware of your job opportunity and available training on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Join groups of people seeking employment, follow the discussions and mention your opportunity as a solution or at least a stop-gap measure to earn some income during tax season.
  7. Seniors & Women Groups. Some of the best prospects are early retirees and women with young children who can work during tax season when the kids are in school. Ask such groups to make their members aware of your opportunity, possibly in a newsletter.
  8. Military Personnel. If there is a military base nearby, make the outplacement officer aware of your opportunity for retiring military personnel and military spouses.
  9. Colleges. Advise the campus career placement office of your opportunities for mature students (ideally seniors or graduate students). Post flyers on campus bulletin boards.
  10. Your Tax Preparation Clients. We all have some clients who come in with their tax returns already prepared and just want you to prepare them on your tax software and e-file. Who would be a better ambassador for your tax service than a person who chose you over all of their other options? You will lose a tax preparation client, but gain a much more valuable asset!

Free Flyer to Recruit and Train Tax Preparers: Customize as You See Fit