13 Tips to Retain Your Clients and Grow Your Tax Business

  1. Pay attention to your existing clients. It is five to 10 times more expensive to attract new customers than it is to retain your existing customers. Plus, word of mouth is the best form of advertising!
  2. Stay in touch with your clients on a regular basis. They need to be reminded that you are there year-round and that you care enough to send them important and timely tax information.
  3. Get to know your clients well. The more connected you are the less likely they are to leave and the better you’ll be at serving them.
  4. Always follow through on commitments made to your clients. You must deliver what you promise if you want your clients to trust you and be loyal to you.
  5. Be consistent and professional. This goes for the office image, your image and all contact you have with your clients. Inconsistencies and unprofessionalism can cause you to lose valuable clients.
  6. Learn from other leaders in the tax industry. They are leaders because they have figured out what works. No need to always reinvent the wheel.
  7. Request feedback and suggestions from your clients. You’ll learn so much from your customers – both good and bad. Try to duplicate the positive things and eliminate the things your clients find most frustrating. Consider conducting a client survey.
  8. Hire people that enjoy serving other people. You can teach people taxes but you may not be able to teach people to enjoy serving others. Look for outgoing, client-oriented people.
  9. Focus on a target group and become an expert for them. When you become an expert in a specific field, you become the go-to person and word of mouth will bring you new business.
  10. Share ideas, resources and contacts with your clients. This is considered adding value to your clients and it can be priceless.
  11. Reward your clients for being loyal. It doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money. Your clients will appreciate being recognized for their loyalty.
  12. Continue your education in taxation and other areas that will enhance your knowledge and skills. Increasing your knowledge will benefit you and your clients.
  13. Track what is and isn’t working. You’ll never know what you should continue doing and what you should end without tracking your results.