It’s IRS Tax Forum Season!

Summer is here! For some that means vacation. For tax professionals that means tax forums. Our team is geared up and ready to attend a few of the tax forums this season. And you should too. The IRS Tax Forums are a great way to get much needed info, brush up on tax knowledge, find resources, and mingle with fellow tax pros.

After the drastic changes to the tax code, this year is definitely the year to attend for up to date information and training from IRS experts who are on the frontlines.

Why attend?

Our team attends multiple tax forums as exhibitors but also to learn. The tax forums offer the following benefits:

  • Live seminars
  • The ability to earn continuing professional education credits
  • A large expo hall where you’ll learn about the latest tax professional products and services
  • You can bring your toughest, unresolved IRS case to the Case Resolution Room and meet one-on-one with IRS representatives
  • Meet us and learn about our tax courses – in person!
  • Network with others in the industry

Locations and Dates

  • Atlanta, GA – July 10-12
  • Washington, DC – July 17-19
  • San Diego, CA – August 7-9
  • Chicago, IL – August 21-23
  • Orlando, FL – September 11-13

If you’re a student or past student, we’d love to meet you in person. If you’re interested in our courses or my new book, Guide to Start And Grow Your Successful Tax Business, we’d love to chat with you, and I’d love to sign your copy of the book. I will be at the Washington, DC and Orlando Tax Forums. Look for our booth!


Learn more about the IRS Tax Forums here.