5 Reasons Veterans Make Great Tax Preparers

There’s nothing more honorable than serving your country. Our Veterans should be honored and revered as heroes. Unfortunately, once their service is over, many veterans find it hard to translate their skills to careers. Here’s the thing. What you learn in service to our country is applicable to lots of industries. And veterans don’t just make great hires, they make great entrepreneurs as well. So, whether you’re looking to hire a tax pro, or you’re a veteran looking for a new opportunity, here are some reasons veterans make great tax preparers.

They Have Discipline

Discipline is a core value in the military, one that is ingrained in you from basic training. Throughout your military career, you are required to take orders and following directions. Tax preparers also have to have a certain level of discipline as they are required to follow specific procedures and adhere to the tax code. There’s no cutting corners of bending the rules in tax preparation.

They Have Ethics and Integrity

Veterans are required to maintain ethics and integrity throughout their military career and onward. They are held to a very high standard that we as tax preparers can relate to. As tax preparers, we are required to do our due diligence and follow the tax law. We are expected to adhere to the ethics of the profession. Something that should come easy to a veteran.

They’re Organized and Routine

It’s no secret that the military is extremely routine. Everything from their uniform to their daily activities are structured, routine, and orderly. This translates nicely to tax preparation where being organized and routine is essential.

They’re Good Under Pressure

Tax season deadlines and last minute client returns are nothing compared to the pressure and stressful situations a veteran has faced in the service.


There’s no blame shifting in the military. You and your unit are held accountable for everything. As tax preparers, we’re accountable for reporting the personal finances of our clients to the IRS. We have to sign and add our PTINs to each return.

The military engrains a lot of good habits that are needed to become a tax preparer. If you are a military person who is looking for a career change, tax preparation could be an excellent career for you. Learn more here.

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