5 Reasons Why Tax Prep is a Fantastic Thing to Learn Right Now

1- Adding to your resume is always a good idea

Learning something new is a good thing, even if it’s just expanding on something you already know a little – or a lot – about. Not only does it keep your mind active, but it also helps you grow in new ways. Continuous learning can also give you new energy in a topic that may have become stale for you. Learning something can be exciting, and it can help you feel more confident in your current or new abilities. Things are also changing so quickly now. What you learn today may not be true or relevant tomorrow! Plus, learning shows that you have motivation and drive and want to continue to improve yourself. Employers are always looking for people who are striving to do more and be more, and it always looks good when you are working on yourself!

2- Learning tax prep can help you save money every single year

Learning tax prep is always a good idea. Most all of us pay 30% to 45% in taxes each year. That is not pocket change! And the tax laws change every single year, so there’s always something new to learn! When you understand tax law, you can make decisions that will positively affect your financial situation and help you plan for a better future!

3 – Tax prep gives you a side hustle you can fall back on

You never know when you might need or want a side hustle. Things have a tendency to pop up when you least expect it, and tax preparation is a side hustle you can rely on year after year. With tax preparation, you can work as little or as much as you want, while keeping your current job. If something should happen to your full-time job or if you should need extra income, tax prep is right there to pick up the slack! Tax prep is also portable, making it ideal for military personnel and their spouses, who get PCS orders to move every couple of years.

*ITS certificate programs are covered under MyCAA for qualifying military spouses.

4 – Tax prep is a flexible and dependable choice

As mentioned, just about everyone pays taxes, and they just keep getting more complicated all the time. So you can count on this industry to be here when you need it. Tax prep is also recession-proof! We will always need tax preparers to interpret the law. Even with all the tax software available today, it’s only as good as the person using it!

Tax preparation also offers so much flexibility. You can work at an office or at home – and at your convenience – working days, nights, or weekends, part-time or full-time. You get out what you put into it! You can easily serve clients remotely, communicating via phone and email, and meeting via Zoom or Skype, if a face-to-face meeting is required. You can work for someone else or you can start your own business from home or even have a separate office where you meet with clients.

5 – You can learn from home, online right now

Now is the perfect time to learn tax preparation! Especially with COVID-19 causing so many people to lose their jobs or sit idle at home waiting for things to get back to “normal.” You can learn tax preparation anywhere, online 24/7, with instructor support. You don’t need any prior tax or accounting knowledge. You don’t even need a college degree. You can learn at your own pace, moving quickly or taking more time to complete the course. You can start earning money after just one course, and you can continue to learn and advance your skills and even become an expert in the field, if you want!

So what are you waiting for?

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