6 Signs You’re Ready for a Career Change

With all the changes in the last 18 months, you may find yourself wanting more, something different, looking for a new career. Here are some signs that you might be ready for a career change, and why tax preparation might be just what you’re looking for!

You find it hard to give it your all at work

When you’re happy in your job, it’s much easier to have the drive and to want to give it your all. Sure, there may be days when you feel like you can’t get it together, we all have those days. But if you’re feeling this way on a regular basis, it may mean something more. You may be bored and in need of a new challenge.

It’s hard to physically get to work each day and you often feel burned out

If you’re starting to dread your daily routine, it could be due to a lack of motivation and feeling like you are doing the same things every day. It’s often an indicator that it might be time to look for something else.

You’re not learning anymore

When you’re excited about what you’re doing, it’s easy to keep learning and stay fresh. If you’re not learning anymore, it could mean you’ve reach a plateau in your current job and it’s time to move on.

You’re not content with your current salary

If you find yourself saying “I don’t get paid enough to do this job”, it’s more than likely a sign that you’re just not happy where you are. A reasonable pay increase will probably not resolve this issue.

You’re not using your talents

It could be that you find yourself in a job where you are not really utilizing your talents – your skills and strengths – to the best of your ability, or maybe not at all. The ideal situation is to find a job or career doing what you are naturally gifted to do. Learn how to identify your skills and strengths.

You don’t feel like you’re making an impact where you are

Do you feel like what you’re doing isn’t making a real difference – either to the people you serve, the community around you, or the greater good? If so, switching to a more meaningful job or career might help you find “your purpose” and leave you feeling like you’re making an impact.

A Career in tax preparation may be just what you’re looking for

  • Flexibility to work when & where you want.
  • No cap on your earnings.
  • You get to work with people.
  • You’re helping people solve a problem & keep more of their money.
  • Tax preparation is a recession-proof career.
  • Tax laws change every year. So, there’s always something new to learn.
  • There is a shortage of qualified tax preparers! Tax preparers are in demand!