A Bad Week

October has been very stressful.  A family friend passed away last week and compared to that everything else seemed to be fairly low on my list of priorities.  I did not get much done last weekend because my normal level of focus wasn’t there.  A lack of time surprisingly wasn’t the issue, just a lack of motivation.  Now that more time has passed, I have started to bring other things in my life back into focus, including my progress on the Comprehensive Course.  I was really interested in finishing the course early but think that I will probably end up at about 9 weeks to finish. However, considering that 10 weeks is the recommended pace (20 lessons, at 2 a week), I’m not feeling too upset about it.  I have been getting all the multiple choice questions completed for each remaining chapter, but will still need to get my answers entered and quizzes completed for each lesson.  While I like my study method so far, I wouldn’t recommend getting too far ahead without entering answers online since the corrections/updates section of each lesson is only made available when the previous lesson’s tests are completed.  This weekend will be spent getting my online progress caught up to my offline progress.  Thankfully, that’s the easy part.