A Few Issues

I’ve completed Chapter 1 and am hoping to get Chapter 2 done today in the Advanced II Tax Course.  So far I feel that this new course has done a good job of thoroughly covering complex topics.  I ran into several minor problems in the layout and in some of the questions in the Learning  Activity but received a prompt response after letting the school know.  Some of these problems hadn’t been noted yet and so did not appear in the updates and corrections section of the course which slowed me down a bit.  This time though, I decided to just complete the assignment as if it were a real tax client and found that my tax preparation ability has greatly improved.  I feel like I don’t rely on the answer choices nearly as much anymore and feel confident about my solutions.  Over the weekend and next week I plan to complete Chapters 3 and 4 which will put me right on target for my goal of completing this course in 5 weeks.