A Policies & Procedures Manual for your Tax Office

As tax businesses grow, one of the things they realize they need is a Policies & Procedures Manual. At Peoples Tax , we have a comprehensive P&P Manual that has evolved over the 22+ years since I founded the business. We find it essential to ensure that all employees in all of our 9 offices are adhering to our company philosophy and policies and procedures. A P&P manual is also a useful training tool.
I founded Peoples Income Tax in 1987 after working for 19+ years as a District Manager and Regional Director for H&R Block. We opened with 3 offices for the 1988 tax season and expanded aggressively in the following years. I knew we had to have a comprehensive tax office policies and procedures manual to ensure consistent implementation of our operating system throughout our multiple offices. We created this P&P Manual and it has been invaluable for both training and reference. Without it, many employees would be “doing their own thing” and we would not have the adherence to our operating methods and company philosophy to ensure efficiency and consistent quality service.
After being asked about it so many times, we decided, some years ago, to license it for a nominal fee (link below) to independent tax businesses who wanted to operate systematically without buying a franchise and be more on a level playing field with the national tax firms. Do you have a Policies & Procedures Manual for your tax office(s)? If so, what does it cover?