Advanced I & II Tax Course Bundle

Bundle Includes:



  1. Advanced I Tax Course – 24 hours
  2. n

  3. Advanced II Tax Course – 28 hours
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n*Note: All course content, student resources, and other offers that come with the listed courses are included in the Certificate Program as well. For more details, visit the individual course pages.nnThese advanced courses are meant for students who have already completed our Comprehensive Tax Course, or have comparable knowledge through tax preparation experience. If you have not taken the Comprehensive Course, you may enroll in that course here.nnUpon purchase, you will receive login credentials and may start the Comprehensive course right away. These courses are not webinars, so you can work at your own pace and access the course content at any time. You have 3 months to complete each course, though many students finish earlier. A course extension may be purchased from our online store, if needed.nnDepending on when you purchase, you could start your first course and by the time you’re ready to start the next one a new edition could be available. For this reason, we give you access (and ship your books) to each course one at a time, to ensure you get the most up-to-date version available. When you have completed your first course, our School Administrators will verify your grades and your second course will be uploaded within 1-2 business days.