Advanced Level I Test Solutions

I have been getting my assignments entered and graded and have come across something that I think could be slightly improved. After you get a passing grade on both the review questions and the learning activity you are given access to a PDF copy of the solutions. Unfortunately, while the solutions contain the completed forms and supporting schedules, they don’t usually contain completed copies of the supplementary worksheets provided in the chapters. For example, Chapter 3 discusses taxes for clergy members. There are several extremely helpful worksheets provided in the text that help you to calculate the appropriate taxes for each form but in the test solutions a completed copy of those is not provided. They do give an example problem in the text which is helpful, but I like to compare all of my work to the solutions.

I also think it would be great to have an example return to go through before doing the learning activity problem. These advanced chapters are more nuanced, so it’s really helpful, especially when you’re doing everything by hand, to see where everything is going before you do it on your own. Software does a lot of those worksheets and schedules behind the scenes for preparers, but when it’s just you, a pencil (never a pen), a bunch of worksheets, forms and schedules, every example helps. I’m less familiar with clergy tax reporting so I had to rely on the materials a lot more instead of my own background so that may have made it a bit trickier for me as well. As always however, you can always e-mail a teacher if you have questions and they have always gotten back to me within 24 hours.