Are you Your Client’s Best Advocate?

Tax preparers have a very important role in the lives of their client’s: the role of trusted advisor in matters of tax. Tax preparers are trusted with information that is very personal to their client’s: their finances. This trust is not something to take lightly. You are an advocate…

…when it comes to tax returns. Advocate

…when it comes to the IRS.

…when it comes to tax fraud.

…when it comes to tax planning.

Here are some ways to be your client’s best advocate.

Know the tax law

The best way to be an advocate for your clients is to know the law. You need to have a great tax education so that you know how to be the best tax preparer you can be. Knowing basic tax knowledge is a great start, but it’s important that you build on that knowledge year after year. Everyone’s tax situation is unique. While some of your client’s taxes will be easy to file, others may have very complicated situations that will require you to know your tax law.

This will be especially important in IRS related matters like audits or tax bill notices.

Stay up-to-date on tax news

Each year there are a number things that change in our industry. Being a good advocate means staying up-to-date on what’s happening in the industry so that you make sure you’re following the law while reducing your client’s tax liability.

Inform your clients

A good advocate educates the person they are advocating for. Make sure you communicate with clients year round. Keep them abreast of changes in the tax law, informed of tax scams, and aware of potential IRS red flags.

Your clients put a lot of trust in you. Make sure that trust is backed up with tax education and industry knowledge.