Avoiding Shortcuts

I’ve been transferring all the work I’ve done offline to the online quizzes and learning activities and have found that the process is a bit slow.  Outside of actually getting everything entered, perfection is an actual possibility on most of the activities since you are given two chances and the highest score is kept.  As I entered my answers and started getting grades back, I realized that 80% just wasn’t good enough when I could have 100%.  I even went back and redid some of my learning activities that were in the low 90s.  This might seem a little silly or excessive but the topics chosen for these activities are chosen for a reason.  The topics tested are likely either common or commonly misunderstood and either way I want to have a clear understanding of them.  If a tax return that’s 92% correct isn’t good enough, why should that score be acceptable for my learning activities?  When I move on to preparing actual returns, I won’t have answers to compare to and will need to get everything right the first time as often as humanly possible.  With that in mind, I’ve also been taking some time to go back through the test solutions that are provided after an activity is completed to make sure that I understand why I missed questions or even occasionally to reinforce why I got them right.    This process of review and reinforcement is a bit time consuming, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.