Are You a Connector?

Have you heard of the philosophy “Givers Gain”? It’s a BNI principle based on the law of reciprocity. Networking should be an important part of your business. It’s a tried and true way to build your network, spread the word about your company, and essentially gain new clients.

You’ve likely encountered a number of different approaches to networking. Some people work the room in an attempt to get business cards in everyone’s hands, some people focus on meeting and talking to certain people, and some people just go with the flow. While there are different approaches to networking, there’s one approach we’ve found to be extremely effective – being a connector.

A connector is someone who always has a recommendation and is always willing to offer up an introduction to someone who might help your business grow. They have a huge network of people and are always willing to help.

Not only is helping people awesome. Helping other people helps you, because generally, those people will reciprocate your generosity. 

5 Benefits of Being a ConnectorBe-a-connector

1. You have a big network

Connectors are always developing relationships. They have a huge network of people which means LOTS of people know who they are and what they do.

2. You are THE person

When someone needs a referral, they come to you. That makes you a trusted advisor and someone who is always at the forefront of people’s minds.

3. “Givers Gain”

When you adopt a giving philosophy and focus on giving business to your fellow networkers, people naturally become eager to repay your kindness by sending business your way in return.

4. It makes networking easier

If striking up conversation makes you feel uneasy, take the connector approach. It’s easier to introduce two people who may not know each other but would be good connections for each other.

5. It’s good for you

Studies show that giving is good for the giver. It boosts your mental and physical health, it makes you more mindful and appreciative, and it’s fulfilling.

Try being a connect and you’ll reap the benefits!