Why You Should Take Continuing Tax Education Courses This Summer

Summer-School-CE-CoursesJust like with anything in life, the more you know, the better prepared you will be and the more tools you will have to perform your job. As a tax preparer, your knowledge of the ever-changing tax code is critical to performing your job properly. Continuing education can help you earn more money by giving you the ability to perform complicated tax returns and other services to your clients.

Being a tax preparer is more than just numbers – it’s about building relationships with your clients and helping them in an area they either have little knowledge in, or don’t have the time to handle themselves. The more services you can provide to your clients, the more of a relationship you will build. This relationship is key in client retention.

Why the summer?

Why not? Tax season is over, and for many tax preparers, the summer is a slow time as most clients are taking vacations. Summer courses are short and can be completed in small chunks of time during a much slower part of the season. Taking continuing education (CE) courses in the summer will ensure that you are finished by the fall. This will enable you to turn your attention to critical tasks in the fall and prepare yourself for a successful upcoming tax season. You will also now have plenty of time to market your new services.

What kind of continuing education should I seek?

As the IRS continues to put more regulations on tax preparers, it only makes sense to work towards becoming an IRS Enrolled Agent (EA). Choose a few tax courses that cover preparing more complicated tax returns such as corporate tax, employment taxes, retirement plans or S-Corporation taxes. The more knowledge you obtain, the closer you will be to becoming an EA.

You should also seek out courses that will help you stay up-to date with the current tax laws. Obtaining as much knowledge of tax laws and processes as you can will not only give you the confidence to serve your clients, but will help you gain a competitive advantage and earn more money.

Taking CE courses will help you build a base of solid tax knowledge that will help you properly market yourself as a professional tax preparer. A great way to do this is to earn your Chartered Tax Professional Certificate through The Income Tax School. Becoming a Chartered Tax Professional (CTP®) is a great way to gain knowledge and earn prestige as a professional tax preparer.

Learn more about becoming a Chartered Tax Professional, or peruse our catalog of continuing education seminars. Our courses can be taken at your convenience and are offered 100% online so why not soak up some knowledge while you soak up some sun this summer?