Expanding Your Target Market with Continuing Education

Being able to do taxes for the general public is a great first start – it’s a huge market to serve! But not everyone has general tax needs. Those who have a unique tax situation or more complicated returns look to rely on tax preparers with more experience – who have studied their specific tax situation.

That’s why once you’ve nailed down preparing taxes for the general public, you should expand to more complicated returns. There are lots of Continuing Education Courses that will help. Plus, once you’ve learned to prepare for a specific market, you can create marketing campaigns to target them next tax season.


Expand your tax preparation services to businesses like C-Corporations. Businesses are great clients to have because they are required to file taxes quarterly and the charge for tax preparation services is much greater than the general public.

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Baby Boomers make up a huge percentage of the population right now and many of them are transitioning out of the workforce and into retirement. Knowing how to provide tax services for this population could be very beneficial. To serve this population you should also be equipped with knowledge on retirement plans, their basic features and terminology.

Seniors Special Needs and Concerns CE Course

Retirement Plans CE Seminar

Schedule C Sole Proprietors

The IRS is really cracking down on audits lately and one demographic they are keyed in on is Sole Proprietors. This means many Sole Proprietors will need guidance on preventing an audit and will likely need representation during an audit. Knowing this information will help you market to startups, freelancers and small businesses who are just getting started and could use a little guidance.

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Complicated Tax Returns

If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge of complicated tax returns in general, our Chartered Tax Professional Certificate Program is a great way to get there. A Chartered Tax Professional (CTP®) is someone who has completed a series of 5 federal tax courses in individual and small business income tax preparation. This nationally recognized certificate program enables students to prepare more complicated tax returns and expand their client base.

The more you learn as a tax preparer, the more money you will make. Spend this summer expanding your knowledge base with The Income Tax School!

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