Finding a Good Work Environment

I’ve started to look around for where I might do some part-time tax related work.  Since I’m doing this course I’m not really interested in working anywhere that requires me to purchase a course in order to be offered a job.  This requirement actually pretty well eliminates most major tax preparation chains but I’m ok with that.   Some chains will let you test out of their courses but I haven’t really looked into that yet. I think that more than likely I will end up working part time at a private tax preparation or CPA firm.  I think there are some advantages to this though, such as likely being in a smaller environment where I am a more integral part of the workforce.  I also hope that this will help me to avoid anywhere that pushes early tax return services.  I personally don’t like the idea of paying fees for my return and would prefer not to push that idea onto anyone else. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t imagine a lot of the smaller firms push those kinds of services.  Since this will be my first season preparing taxes, I would like to remain focused on accurate and timely tax return preparation and learning as much as I can. Ultimately, as with most opportunities, I will get out of it what I put into it, so wherever I end up, I plan to make the best of it.