Five Things Tax Preparers Could Learn From the Military

May is National Military Month – a month set aside to honor those who serve: past and present. Military personnel learn a lot throughout their training and experience that we as tax preparers should take note of. Here are five things tax preparers could learn from the military.


Discipline is a core value in the military, and one of the first things you learn in basic training. Military recruits must learn to obey and take orders from their commanders and adhere to a strict code. Tax preparation also takes discipline as we are required to learn and adhere to the tax law. Being a good tax preparer means having the discipline to not cut corners or bend the rules.


Our military personnel are extremely organized and structured with a routine. Morning, noon, and night, whether it’s boot camp or deployment, they must follow a strict routine and stay organized with supplies and food rations. This strict routine and organization is also very important as a tax preparer. It is important to stay organized and stick to a routine to ensure you are not missing anything while preparing a tax return.


When something goes wrong in the military, you better believe the person(s) involved will be held accountable. There is no blame shifting here, there is only admitting that you were wrong. Accountability is what makes people think twice about their actions. As tax preparers, we need to hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable. That means triple checking your returns and not relying on technology.


Ethics, honor and integrity are very important in the military. They are asked to exhibit these traits no matter what situation they are in. These are also important traits to have as a tax preparer. We build relationships with clients and are privy to their most private information: their finances. We must always act with honor and integrity and adhere to tax preparer ethics.


Finally, teamwork is a must in the military. As a soldier you are reliant on your fellow squad and they are reliant on you. If you work in an office among other tax preparers, it’s important that you consider yourselves a team. Share the workload, check others returns, and be a team player. You will all get through tax season much saner if you work as a team!

The military teaches a lot of good traits and qualities also needed to become a tax preparer. If you are a military person who is looking for a career change, tax preparation could be an excellent career for you. Find out more.