Free Resources for Tax Preparers

At The Income Tax School, our mission is to empower people with a professional career to fulfill their dreams and serve others as industry leaders. That’s why, along with all of the materials and support we provide to students, we also strive to write informational blog posts and other free sources of information.

Did you know that we have a ton of free, downloadable white papers? We just updated all of our Free White Papers, so we thought we’d take the time to tell you about them!

White Papers to Share with ClientsFree-Resources-Tax-Preparers

Communicating with clients is extremely important. It’s helps them stay informed, it encourages them to be proactive, and makes you look like a superstar! Here are some white papers to share with your clients.

Top Ten Causes of Taxpayer Pain

To help taxpayers understand and cope with the frustration caused by our tax system, I’ve compiled the following “Top Ten Causes of Taxpayer Pain” and my thoughts on how to alleviate the pain.

Why Your Tax Return Should Be Prepared Early

Getting clients to come in early during tax season can be extremely difficult. This white paper might help convince them.

Choosing the Right Tax Preparer For You

A great marketing tool to use for prospective clients.

Signs It’s Time to Call a Bookkeeper 

If you offer bookkeeping services to business clients, this is a great tool to help bring more business in.

White Papers for People Interested In Tax Preparation

Thinking about becoming a tax preparer? We’ve got some things for you to read.

Tax Preparation Can Be A Stop Gap for Unemployed Workers

12 Advantages of a Career as a Tax Professional 

White Papers for Tax Pros

Getting Hired as a Tax Preparer

You’ve got the education, now it’s time to land the job. These tips will help.

10 Reasons to Earn CE and Tax Pro Credentials

Never stop learning. Here’s why.

White Papers for Tax Business Owners

Leveling the Playing Field – How to Compete with National Tax Firms

Learn the strategies of the big firms.

Free Guide to Recruit and Train Tax Preparers

Looking to hire? In this paper we lay out how to choose people who would be great tax preparers and then teach tax preparation.

Top 3 Strategies for Successful Tax Business Marketing

These tried and true marketing strategies constitute best practices for any independent tax business to attract and retain clients.

12 Low Cost Ways to Recruit Tax School Students

We’ve found that the best way to recruit and train tax preparers for your business, is to run a tax school in the off season.

Tips for Training Staff Before Tax Season

Are you being thorough enough when you bring new staff on board? These tips will help.

4 Game Changer Internet Marketing Tips

These 4 internet marketing strategies are more cost effective (and more effective) than “traditional” advertising.

We hope you find these white papers insightful! Want more resources? Check out our Resources Page and join our LinkedIn Group, Tax Business Owners of America.