8 Ways to Gain New Clients This Tax Season

It’s the start of a new tax season. Is your marketing plan in place and ready to go? Do you how you’re going to get new clients this year? Marketing plan or not, here are some ideas to help you get clients through the door.

It Pays to Pay Attention Tax-Business-Marketing-Ideas

Do you keep an eye on the business news in your area? Have you kept tabs on new businesses in the area? Reach out to those business owners and offer your services. Better yet, look up the owner on LinkedIn and see if you have any mutual connections. If you do, reach out to that person and ask for an email introduction. It’s always better to be referred than to cold call or email.

Speak Up!

This is the time of year people have taxes on their minds. And with all the changes to the tax code, people are confused and anxious. Reach out to the associations you are a member of – or even associations you are not a member of – and offer to speak at their next meeting or event. It’s a great way to show your expertise and a good networking opportunity.


Sponsoring a local association meeting or event is also a great way to get the word out about your business. Look for opportunities where you can have a booth, have your logo visible, and/or provide hand-outs to participants.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a great way to reach people in the surrounding neighborhood. Post cards are good because they cost less to produce and the recipient will get the message without having to open an envelope.  However, a letter could have a “teaser” printed on the front, such as “Tax Reform Information Inside!”  This year, the letter approach would be especially effective. 

The ad you produce should also include a unique and compelling offer or proposal and not necessarily another discount like every other tax firm.  

Host a Seminar at Your Office

Another good approach to getting people in the door is to host a seminar at your office. Choose a topic you know is of interest to people – like the changes to the tax bill, or specific changes that will affect your core demographic. You could even host one for individuals and one for businesses.

Partner with a Charity

Another great way to promote your business is to partner with a charity. For example, our sister company, Peoples Tax, has been working with a non-profit called Connor’s Heroes for several years. Each year we host a supply drive that incentivizes people to drop off supplies. This year, we’re holding the drive on Valentine’s Day and giving out candy and coupons for everyone who participates.

Offer a Referral Program

Your current (happy) clients can be your biggest advocates and source of new business. So why not incentivize them by offering a referral program? At Peoples Tax, we offer a 25% discount for referrals. Decide on how you will incentivize your clients and then reach out to them via email to encourage referrals. You should also keep referral flyers on your desk and give them out to clients when they come to have their taxes prepared.

Be a Source of Information

This year is our year to shine as tax pros. With so much change coming, you really want to establish that 1. You know the new law and 2. Taxpayers need you. Reach out to local reporters who are writing about these topics and offer quotes, tips, and advice. Write about the new laws on your blog, in your newsletter and on your social media channels. You should also share your most informative blog posts with associations you are a member of for consideration in their newsletters, their blog, or social media sites.  

Want more ideas and an easy to execute marketing plan? Check out our Tax Business Marketing Manual.