Getting Through the Comprehensive Course When Time is Not on Your Side

I have had a very busy week and getting all my reading assignments done has been no simple task.  I am still following the basic study regimen I outlined in a previous post but have decided to mix things up a bit by reading through Chapter 3 as well before finishing the tests for both chapters 2 and 3.  I know that my busy week isn’t quite over yet so I want to knock out as much of the reading as I can and leave myself with just the tests for this weekend.  Much like my CPA Exam prep days, I am rarely ever seen without my course materials nearby.  I have been trying to capitalize on whatever free time I have to get through a page or two at a time.  Surprisingly, even just twenty focused minutes a night can get you through the material quite quickly leaving you with some time to review everything at the end of the week.  I’m hoping to fully move into Chapter 4 by next week so, with that said, I better get back to work.