Giving Employees A Voice

We’ve talked about using client surveys to improve upon your processes and service each tax season but what about employee feedback? Good business owners take employee feedback into account when looking to improve, attract new talent, and grow.

According to Daniel Hood in Accounting Today, “Many of the firms on our 2015 Best Firms to Work For list use employee surveys to learn what their employees want and expect, what’s working for them (and what’s not), and much more.”

What about your firm? Are you asking for feedback? Giving them surveys? We think this is an excellent idea and impresses upon your staff the following things:

  1. You value their opinion
  2. You care about them
  3. You are focused on growth
  4. You care about customer service

There are many different ways you can perform surveys online for free (anonymous or not). You can also just go the old paper survey route or call a meeting and ask for open discussion.

Daniel notes, “If you do ask employees what they think, they’ll expect you to act on it, which will mean that you’ll need to commit to more than just running the survey; you’ll need to follow up, as well – even if it’s just to explain.”

We highly recommend reading Daniel’s article in Accounting Today for more ideas on surveying employees. Giving them a voice makes them more invested in their future at your firm and helps build loyalty and morale.

Using Employee Surveys To Give Staff A Voice


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