Inexpensive Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

The workforce has shifted to accommodate for quarantine, social distancing, and so much more over the past few months. For many business employees, this may have meant taking unconventional hours, purchasing new tech to modify the way they work, and working amongst other family members in a very different environment. They deserve to be appreciated, but that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to do it. Here are a few ways you can acknowledge your employees’ hard work inexpensively. 

Call out small accomplishments

Whether it’s your company Zoom meeting, a conference call, or an email or newsletter, recognizing employees publicly for their hard work and success is important. We recognize employees for lots of things here at ITS but some examples are: great customer feedback, company milestones, finishing up a big project, and increased sales.

Give out gift cards

Gift cards are an easy employee appreciation gift that doesn’t have to be expensive. A gift card to a local coffee shop, business, or restaurant can go a long way. Plus, it helps support your local community. Think about your customer list and consider supporting a small business who supports you. It can mean a lot to your client. You can also do Amazon gift cards or a general Visa Gift card. 

Create fun awards 

Celebrate your employees’ uniqueness and contributions by creating fun awards to give out on a monthly basis. Who’s your Brainstorm Champion, Customer Service Guru, or Funniest Meme Finder, or Sales Magician? 

Snail Mail 

It’s always exciting to get mail that is not junk mail or a bill. It’s even more exciting when you’re stuck working from home all the time. If an employee has gone out of their way to help out another employee or customer or has just been doing an exceptional job, send a handwritten thank you note to show your appreciation.

Ask employees for input

It may sound simple but giving your employees a voice is one of the most empowering things you can do. It shows you care about and value their opinions. It makes them TRULY a part of the team and process. 

Empower Your People

Encourage your employees to make decisions that are in the best interest of your customers and/or the company.  Employees will rarely make a wrong decision. Showing that you trust them can foster mutual trust and respect.

These are all great ways to help raise morale, build loyalty, and help make your culture and workplace better despite the challenges faced during these uncertain times. We’d love to hear more ideas! Share how you show employee appreciation in a comment below.