IRS Appeal of Court Ruling Against Preparer Regulations

The tax industry needs to be regulated to prevent unqualified preparers from practicing. Those preparers who have been enabled to prepare returns using tax software without knowing the tax laws not only prepare inacurate returns for their clients, but they take business away from qualified preparers. The cost for a preparer to meet the CE requirement and prepare for the exam is less than the price charged for one tax return. We provide a 15-hour CE package for $69.97 and we have flash sales for $39.97. A praactice exam is available for review for $23.99 and a white paper with 15 tips to pass the RTRP exam and links to many resources is available free on our website, and preparing for the exam is just a one time cost. The IRS Preparer Regulations are entirely appropriate and reasonable as a minimum standard for tax professionals. CE is required for CPAs, CLE is required for lawyers. Why should preparers be exempt from an annual CE requirement, especially when the tax laws change every year?