IRS Releases Proposed Regulations Regarding Fees for Preparer Tax Identification Numbers

The Internal Revenue Service has released proposed regulations that would establish a fee for individuals who apply for a preparer tax identification number (PTIN). The proposed regulations (REG-139343-08) would establish a fee of $50, payable to the IRS, to cover technology costs, as well as compliance and outreach efforts associated with the new PTIN program. The proposed regulations would also provide for an additional fee (expected to be lower than $50) to be charged by the third-party vendor chosen to operate the new online system. That fee amount is expected to be announced soon, as well as additional details about the launch of a new online application system. These fees could change in future years as program costs are reevaluated. Tax professionals and other interested parties have until Aug. 23, 2010, to submit comments regarding the proposed regulations.There is a hearing on these proposed regulations scheduled for August 24.

Click here for the full IRS text of the rules.