It Can Be Lonely at the Top

Being an entrepreneur can be very challenging because, as the “CEO”, you have no one in your business with whom you can interact at a peer level.  And you have no superior to provide guidance.  It can be very lonely at the top.  No one really seems to really understand the challenges you face, not even your own spouse or significant other.  So how can you fill this void?

I have come to realize that no one understands the issues you are facing better than a fellow entrepreneur.  When I realized this, I initiated  a non-profit organization in my community called the Virginia Council of CEOs.  We have more than 100 CEO members with sub-groups of 8-10 non-competing CEOs who comprise A CEO Roundtable that meets monthly for about 4 hours.  The entire CEO Council and sponsor representatives meet quarterly for a lunch meeting with a veteran CEO speaker who has attained the level of success to which we aspire and usually sold a successful business.  Some of our speakers are also authors of best-selling books for entrepreneurs.

Does anyone belong to a similar group of CEOs or have a book that would be of interest to entrepreneurs?