Last Final Tomorrow

I have my last final to turn in tomorrow and I will be done with the Advanced I Tax Course.  I have learned quite a bit in this course and am looking forward to the next one.  The end/beginning of the year can be quite busy at work so I did not complete this course as quickly as I would have liked but the pace I went allowed me to really take me time and absorb the new material.  Each section is actually relatively short as it pertains to the base reading assignment but it takes more time to do the additional reading assignments thoroughly.  Since I added working out on a regular basis to my already hectic schedule, sometimes things went a bit slower than I would have liked. On a positive note though, I am down nearly 10 pounds so I think I’ve found a pretty good work/homework/life balance.  I’ve really enjoyed the process of blogging about my progress and look forward to the next course.