Looking to the Future

I have been doing individual tax courses for a while so I am definitely ready for a change of pace. I can’t help but keep thinking about the business side of the tax world. I’m already somewhat familiar with that topic but as with the individual courses, I am looking forward to learning some new things and how to apply them. I think that actually spending time with the forms involved will be extremely helpful and will allow me to obtain a firmer grasp of the subject matter. It’s always helpful to read about a topic but, for me especially, nothing really quite sticks long term until I actually put it to use. It will be interesting to see how much territory I cover in the Small Business I and II courses. Those two courses will also complete my class requirements for the CTP, which is pretty exciting. I still have my experience requirements to work on but that will be waiting until next tax season. Until then, I will be keeping my nose in the books.