Marketing a Tax Business: Traditional vs. New Media


How can TV advertising be used effectively by a tax business? We have used TV since I founded Peoples Income Tax in 1987. TV was very effective in creating awareness and brand recognition for us in the early years. TV worked for us because we had offices convenient to almost all of the viewing audience. But in recent years, mass media (TV and radio) has become fragmented and less cost-effective. We have also not been able to match the buying power of H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt. If you have used TV advertising, how did you go about producing your commercials and buying TV spots and was it effective?

Social Media

Has anyone obtained new clients through social networking? I have been dabbling in social media for about a year now and have gotten a few clients. Most of my activity has been on LinkedIn, although I also have accounts on Facebook and Twitter (@PeoplesTax, @TaxSchool). This blog is my latest adventure in social media and I am committed to making Tax Industry Talk a valuable resource to my friends and customers in the industry. I’d be very interested in learning how other tax professionals are using social networking to obtain new clients.