Midas Marketing Book Review

Midas Marketing by Rob Slee, Founder of Midas Nation. In his previous book, Midas Managers, Slee studied the characteristics and business practices of highly successful entrepreneurs. In Midas Marketing, he describes a new mindset to ensure business success; a set of business practices that he believes will constitute a new revolution worldwide. The new key to business success, he says, is for entrepreneurs to outsource everything except intellectual capital and marketing. For example, he recommends getting rid of your sales people and employing a concept he calls “aggregation” to more efficiently “sell” to your prospective customers at little or no cost. The key is to identify organizations and networks to which your prospects belong or rely on for guidance. Then make a compelling proposition to persuade the organization that your product or service is the best solution for their members or followers.  I’ve met Rob and heard him speak twice. We will be bringing him to Richmond, VA to present a seminar to members of the Virginia Council of CEOs. I recommend that you read Midas Marketing and subscribe to MidasNation at https://www.midasnation.com/members/index.php?content=registeruser